Welcome to Becky!

I'm a Los Angeles-based writer and performer. A vet of the Upright Citizen's Brigade, I've performed improv and sketch all around town. I've written and performed two solo shows including "Lydia Locket Shot Herself in the Face" (that showcased at UCB, the Comedy Central Stage, the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival) and "Cosmic Orphan", which debuted at the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival and the 2016 Hollywood Short+Sweet Festival. In 2013, I wrote, starred and directed the pilot presentation "Someone Better", which received the Best Produced Screenplay Award at the Broad Humor Film Festival in Venice, CA.

I've appeared on "Community", "Fresh off the Boat", "Broad City" and play an activist in a recurring bit for "Jimmy Kimmel Live". I'll soon be appearing in the "CHiPs" reboot.

I also host a podcast where I provide 15-minute reviews of cheap romance novels called Too Stupid to Live.